Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saturday, September 1st: Cookout & Community Poetry Experiment & DANCE PARTY

IF NOT FOR KIDNAP''s glorious mutation begins in earnest this Saturday! Please come join us for the last event at the house--a late summer grilling and community poetry experiment!

EDIT: Also, post-reading DANCE PARTY. Come get crunk with Kidnap! Festivities now start at five so as to avoid everyone getting too faded to dance...

Beginning in October, Kidnap will be hosting readings elsewhere around town and more occasionally than our monthly tradition. This will allow us to be a bit more ambitious in our curation of the events, and also give us time to start making Kidnap swag and limited edition books. 

To celebrate and say goodbye to the space that defined us for so long, we're throwing a "bring some shit to grill and drink and share and come hang out"-type of party, beginning 'round 5 pm on Saturday, September 1st.

Also, please bring one page of your own work or work you greatly admire. After some hours of chit-chat and cheers, we will enlist your help in reading an amalgamated document by the Kidnap community.

As always, everyone is welcome.

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