Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tuesday, May 25th: W. Vandoren Wheeler, Jamondria Harris, and Jacob Levine, with music by Brownish Black

You guys! Hey you guys, come see poets and a band!

For free!

Because seriously: it's going to be fantastic!

When: Tuesday, May 25th at 7:30 (though we won't start until just after eight)
Where: 3968 SE Mall St., upper floors
As always, bring anyone you like and if you're up to it, bring something to share! Like beer, food, fliers, money, whatever, I think polaroids would be cool... And don't be shy about saying hi to people you don't know!


W. Vandoren Wheeler
was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico. His poems have appeared in Swink, H_ngM_n, Forklift, and Bat City Review, among others. He earned an MFA from Warren Wilson, and served for two years as the editor of Marylhurst University’s M Review. He teaches composition, creative writing, and literature at Portland Community College.


Jamondria Harris is a poet living in portland oregon. She is interested in fluidity, bliss and following lines of flight into poetry.Her work has appeared in The Nightbomb Review #1 and 2 and she will have a chapbook out from Nightbomb Press later this year.


Jake Levine got an MFA in poetry at the University of Arizona, where he got some cash for a Warnock Fellowship, Hattie Locket Prize, Intro Awards, and Foundation Award for his poesy. He is also an instructor of poetry and composition at the University of Arizona and won the Johnnie Raye Harper teaching award, which he also got funds from. He said he’d use the funds for writing and then spent them on some other shit, shit that either detracted or distracted from writing. He is Editor-In-Chief of Sonora Review, on the board of directors at POG (poetry in action), on the Tucson Festival Of Books Poetry Committee, is the founder and curator of The Aural Pleasure Party and Poetry Fuckfest reading series, and is an editor at SPORK. He lives and loves Tucson, AZ. His poetry has appeared in Stretching Panties, forthcoming in Retort and EOAGH, has a current / being printed chapbook The Threshold of Erasure from Sporkpress, which they took before they invited him to edit / bind shit. He stabs himself with binding needles often. He does not give a fuck, or he does give a fuck. Depends on sweat. Sweat depends on heat. He does not wear Depends. He is only just young. He is not just.


Portland based quartet Brownish Black draws heavily from 60's, 70's soul and rock music blended with modern garage sounds. With their offerings to the generations, this versatile mix of musicians find comfort in any form of venue, from big stages to living rooms.