Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tuesday April 26th: Literary Mixtape Two Year Anniversary, with musical guest Damon Boucher!

Welcome to our grand night of INFK’s TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY celebration!

Tuesday night we’ll be DJing the literary cannon for you. Both Donald and Jamalieh have composed astonishing fragments of literary genius from far to near, old to new. So come and sit on our chairs, lie on our couches, languish in the greatest stories ever told. Our musical guest, Damon Boucher, will join us in the usual two-part fashion (impromptu dance post-party always welcome). Remember to bring whatever you want to eat or drink. Celebration.

Just in case you don't know: Donald and Jamalieh co-founded If Not For Kidnap poetry series. They are both professors of English. Also, each of their first manuscripts are "almost finished".

Donald Dunbar vive en la casa a donde vasa venir. El es muy alto y rubio y muy poderoso. Escucha a sus palabras tranquilas para estar comodo. Puedes tocar al espalda de el, pero cuesta diez dolares. El no sabe como hablar en espanol, pero tu sabes tambien. Esta es una mentira. Si, el sabe como hablar en espanol. No, esta es una mentira.

Jamalieh Haley has been reading, and, thus, accumulating a mix of literature to read to you since she was three. She also reads professionally to people through a microphone, pre-amp, and channeled through various compressors. Through this medium she is the voice of several champion cheer-leading teams, including the California All Stars, for which she says ridiculous phrases like “Are you ready? Well buckle up. This will be the ride of a lifetime” and “You better duck—these bullets are flying high”. She can also train your horse while reciting Yeates.

Damon Boucher says, "Fuck it. You'll love my music. That said, I just finished my first LP, Superfag. You'll listen to it and from then on your wet dreams will be haunted with me. That's what you need to know about me."

There you have it, folks. All are welcome. We are very friendly. Please bring a few dollars to contribute to the donation jar to help cover our costs of beverages. Thanks!

J & D