Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tuesday, February 21st: James Yeary, Hannah Pass, and music by Jacki Penny

Dear Friend,

You're invited to come experience the magic of Kidnap, or the joy of Kidnap, or the l-o-v-e of Kidnap, with dope poet James Yeary, sick fictionist Hannah Pass, and ghost guitar player Jacki Penny!

The evening will begin at 7:30, and your head will certainly be blown by 8:22.

Please bring anyone you like, and please bring drinks or snacks to share, money for the donation jar, and


bring your smiling gorgeous self.


James Yeary is a poet whose work has occasionally spilled into sculpture and performance. His whitewashing of Ezra Pound's The Cantos transformed the 800-page epic into a spaced-out meditation on an another man's algorithm, other men's politics, and all of our silence. It broke the spine. James edits the small press c_L, which issues nice chapbooks on nice paper, a monthly newsletter of international poetry on not-so-nice paper, and, recently, a set of greeting cards with full-color illustrations of Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons. For the Spare Room reading series he has organized a marathon reading of Charles Olson's The Maximus Poems and a festival of poetry for multiple voices. His collaboration with visual artist Nate Orton in the my day zine series has taken him halfway to the coast in ten-mile stretches.

Hannah Pass grew up in central Wisconsin. Her stories have been nominated for DZANC Best of the Web 2011 and StorySouth Million Writers Award. Her writing has appeared in Caketrain, The Collagist, Poor Claudia and Nano Fiction among other places. She is a Nonfiction Editor at Silk Road Review and an assistant for the Tin House Writer's Workshop. She lives on a volcano, in southeast Portland.

Jacki Penny is not a stage name. It's a real name. There is nothing hidden. Just person and guitar. No smoke. No mirrors. Music about a life outside of the confines of now. Music that is timeless but not tired. There is an intimacy that keeps you at a distance. There is a familiarity that cannot be placed. Sit in your car on a clear winter day and thought about everything you have ever previously thought of. Do it. Think about the last time you were really happy. Think about the last time you watched When Harry Met Sally. Think about the last time you let someone down. Think about every mistake you have made. Think about everything that led up to you thinking about this. Think about what this paragraph is actually about. Oh yeah. That's Jacki Penny.