Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tuesday October 25th: Robert Alan Wendeborn, Karen Wood Hepner, and musical guest Special Head!

Beat-boxing (!), throat singing (!), rad short poems (!), Lord of the Rings (!). Doors open at 7:30, music starts at 8, and plenty of deliverance:

Robert Alan Wendeborn is the editor of Extended Play, a short magazine of long literature and writes for Uncanny Valley, a literature and pop-culture blog/magazine/press. He has had poems and reviews published in PANK, > kill author, and The Collagist. Most recently, he has been featured in the Portland Mercury blog for his Lord of the Rings themed haiku, "Legolas, rub me/on my soft Baggins with your/long Bombadildo." If you want to know more about him, or his writing, you should give him a thorough googling.

Karen Wood Hepner writes songs, poems, and marketing blurbs. Mostly her poems are very short because she is always short on time. But it turns out short poems are the raddest kind! She is also raising teenage boys and has that marketing blurb job. She's a pretty busy lady.

Special Head is a one man band from Tucson Arizona. Special Head performs live looping of throat singing, beat boxing, bass, xylophone, pan flute. Then he sings or raps comedic lyrics over the beats and melodies he has created. Some of his songs are serious and tackle issues of global consciousness. Others are simply hilarious.