Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday, July 26th: Cindy St. John & Parker Tettleton, music by Chanticleer Tru

Portland has totes obvs had soooo a better summer than the rest of the country, grinning and drinking Pabst while everyone else has been sweating their hair out. Let's keep that going!

Join us Thursday, July 26th for readings by Texas oil tycoon Cindy St. John and old-timey southern gentleman Parker Tettleton. We are also lucky to have roped Chanticleer Tru--who's on the cover of this month's Just Out magazine--into performing a couple sets for us.

Come by around 7:30 and bring drinks or food to share, money for the donation jar, and any lucky soul you grace with your true affection.


Cindy St. John is the author of several chapbooks, most recently Be the Heat (Slash Pine Press). Her poems have appeared in many magazines, including Peaches & Bats, H_NGM_N, and No Tell Motel. She lives in Austin, TX, where she prints Headlamp, poetry and art postcards, and teaches literature and creative writing to teenagers.


Parker Tettleton's twenty four, a Leo, & has lived in Portland for approximately a week. His second collection, Greens, came out this past Memorial Day & is available from Thunderclap! Press via


Chanticleer Tru:

Willamette Week-- "...Jaw dropping vocals"

Performer Magazine-- "He is a ever evolving, ever changing, listless and languid living beau ideal"

PQ Monthly-- "His stage presence is nothing short of otherworldly"