Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday, March 30th: David Abel, Dean Gorman, and Narwal Creative Music Ensemble

Oh my god! Check it out! INFK once again! All-local, all-organic!


Abel is a poet, interdisciplinary artist, bookdealer, and freelance editor. He is one of the founding organizers of the Spare Room reading series, and copublisher (with Sam Lohmann) of airfoil chapbooks. He moved to Portland in 1997, after tenures in New York and New Mexico. His recent publications include the chapbook Commonly (airfoil) and the artist's book While You Were In (with Anna and Leo Daedalus; disposable books); last month he performed at the Gerding Armory Theater as part of Blum Blum Shub Sound Poetry Coincidence, interpreting the 72-foot-long graphic score "The Metaphysics of Notation" by Mark Applebaum (video excerpt online at


Dean lives in Portland, Oregon, where he plays in the bands Sweet William's Ghost and The Tumblers. His poems have appeared in Forklift; Ohio, among other places. He is co-founder and former co-editor of Pilot Books and Magazine.

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Narwal Creative Music Ensemble

New music, improvised music. Cracked pencil lead on score paper mixes with spontaneous composition to present sounds organized in unfamiliar ways. Narwal values the bizarre, under appreciated, the experimental and the esoteric. We find inspiration in the new (Terry Riley, Ruth Crawford Seeger, George Crumb), the hip (Henry Threadgill, John Zorn, William Basinski), and the crusty (Gregorian chant, Bach). What you hear now is a freeze frame of forward movement- a single image from our picture show. We're not quite sure how the picture show ends. Also, if anybody can explain the Drake or Lady Gaga music videos to us, that would be swell.


Everyone is welcome. We "begin" at 7:30 which means that's about when you want to be showing up, but we know you, you're late to everything! Some beer provided, but please bring really anything to share--drinks, food, fliers, business cards, etc., money for our donation jar, etc.--and don't be shy about introducing yourself.

See you then--