Friday, February 15, 2013

Saturday, June 23rd: Travis Meyer, Monica Storss, Hobie Anthony, & Brumes

Join us for the next IF NOT FOR KIDNAP! Featuring three local poets MONICA STORSS, TRAVIS MEYER, HOBIE ANTHONY, and musical guest BRUMES at Recess Gallery (1127 SE 10TH). This event is free and all are welcome!


MONICA STORSS is a left-coast poet with an affinity for the deep South. Her work has appeared in Dash Literary Journal, Unshod Quills, The Southern Women’s Review. Shas taught at UC Davis, Portland State Univeristy, American River College, and Portland Community College. Best known as a performance poet, she has toured all over the world. She currently makes her home in Portland, Oregon.

TRAVIS MEYER is co-founding editor at Pocket Notes, an editor at Poor Claudia, and web developer at OCTOPUS. He lives in SE Portland where he works as a writer and designer.

HOBIE ANTHONY writes prose, poetry, and prose poetry in Portland, OR. A native of the South, prodigal son to Chicago, and new Northwesterner, he seeks to understand this America. He can be found or is forthcoming in such journals as Housefire, Crate, Prime Mincer, The Other Room, R.kv.r.y., Ampersand, NAP, [PANK], Birkensnake, Word Riot, Prime Number, and Connotation Presss, among others. He writes experimental novels.

BRUMES was formed in the midst of the dark winter of 2012, a union among old roommates with a common desire to illustrate ethereality on a sonic level. On vocals and synth is Susana Feliz, hailing from an island across the sea. Desiree Rousseau, on harp and guitar, is originally a Portland native but has lived in all 4 corners of the ancountry. Together they create beyond the musical sphere incorporating painting, drawing, and photography into their project. Get a feel for their dream sounds at