Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 29th: A. Minetta Gould & Amber Nelson, w/music by The Tumblers Acoustic

New study: Kidnap helps you forget Winter.
This just in: Kidnap is happening in March.
Video: Kidnap lies to you about video.

Please join us Tuesday, March 29th at 7:30 pm for the perfect evening! Poets Amber Nelson (Seattle) and A. Minetta Gould (Boise) stop by on their West Coast Adventure to read to us their excellent words, and local faves The Tumblers loan out two of their number to serenade us with dulcet tones.

As always, everyone is welcome. Please bring friends, drinks to share, flyers to hand out, books and ephemera to sell, and/or cash for the donation jar. Or just bring your face, because we all like looking at it!


AMBER NELSON lives in Seattle where she spends copious amounts of time watching Kung Fu. She is the co-founder and poetry editor of alice blue. Her second chapbook, Diary of When Being With Friends Feels Like Watching TV, is available from Slash Pine Press.


A. MINETTA GOULD was raised in the mittens by a beautician. She edits the online journal Lonesome Fowl and is the Associate Editor for Black Ocean. She has recent work published in Columbia Poetry Review, Unsaid, and New Orleans Review. Another chapbook, Dutch Baby Combo and The Boys are Talking about Restless at Five Points, will be available from Spooky Girlfriend Press.


TYLER GASTON and DEAN GORMAN are 2/5 of The Tumblers, Portland's infamous and beloved country outfit. They are the band's primary songwriters and are looking forward to their first-ever acoustic show. Tyler promises to dress appropriately this time...