Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday August 30th: Anis Mojgani, Riley Michael Parker, and musical guest Curious Hands

Happy August everyone! This Tuesday is your chance to get your idea of language messed up and all hot and bothered. This is good for you. The alpha state of your brain will thank you the next day while trying to brainstorm at work. Plus, it's proven that entering this state induces relaxation and healing. Sound good? Good. Because, Anis Mojgani and Riley Michael Parker are ready to do this for you.
Come at 7:30 to mingle and pitch in to the drink fund if you would like to partake!

A former resident of Portland’s Writers-In-The-Schools program, Anis Mojgani is both a two-time national poetry slam and an international poetry slam champion. He is the author of two poetry collections: Over the Anvil We Stretch, and The Feather Room, which was recently nominated for the National Book Award. His work has appeared in Rattle, The Legendary, Radius, as well as on HBO and NPR. Originally from New Orleans, Anis currently lives with his wife in a small house on the Eastside of Austin TX.

Riley Michael Parker is the head editor at HOUSEFIRE, publisher of NOUNS OF ASSEMBLAGE. He wrote OUR BELOVED 26TH, with a new novel out October called A PLAGUE OF WOLVES AND WOMEN, dresses all in black white and red, self-proclamating "fucks like a champ", owns a cat, directed JUNIOR PROM (short film), lived in Las Vegas, lived in Oklahoma, never went to college, owns a coffin, has never been to Mexico.

music! music! music!

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